Why making InterHigh your first choice means you don’t miss out

On National Offer Day many pupils in England find out if they have been successful in getting a place at their first-choice secondary school. Many are expected to miss out as the demand for places has increased sharply due to an increase in birth rates in the early noughties. Many families who did not get their first-choice have turned to InterHigh – the UK’s leading online secondary school. Below are some of the benefits why enrolling at InterHigh is the perfect solution.

Study wherever there is an internet connection

If you’ve missed out on your first-choice school, it can be very costly and disruptive for the whole family. The offer of your second, third or fourth-choice school could be further away from your home, adding not only extra mileage but extra cost to the school run. As an online school, pupils at InterHigh can benefit from the high-quality education they deserve wherever there is an internet connection.

Live lessons led by fully qualified teachers

The standard and style of education at your second, third or fourth-choice schools may not be as high. Founded in 2005, InterHigh is the UK’s leading online secondary school and sixth form college. Our experienced and fully qualified teachers lead live, interactive, timetabled lessons to over 1,000 pupils worldwide. Pupils are taught the National Curriculum for England from Year 7, right the way through to IGCSE, AS and A Levels.

Smaller class sizes

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of up to 18 pupils for IGCSEs and 15 for A Levels. This allows InterHigh to offer pupils a more personalised education compared to a mainstream school.

Less disruption and greater flexibility

Our online status also means that there is less disruption and distraction compared to a mainstream school, allowing our teachers to focus on teaching for the entire length of the lesson. There is no restriction on space as we are online, which allows our teachers to set up virtual classrooms for breakout sessions and group work.

Pupils can make rapid progress

Pupils at InterHigh learn at their own pace. They study no more than two subjects a day which helps to consolidate learning. We find that our independent style of learning gives our pupils an advantage when they encounter a similar style of education in further and higher education. On average, InterHigh pupils graduate with a second-class degree or higher at University.

Greater transparency and monitoring

As an online school, parents do not have to wait until Parents’ evening to find out how their children are progressing in class. Parents are able to contact us and monitor their child’s education at any time.

Invaluable learning tools

All lessons are recorded and stored in our online archive. This can be accessed 24/7 by pupils, providing them with an excellent resource for revision, project work or to catch up if they’ve missed class due to illness.

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