Virtual Summer School

Dive into our full immersion, skills-based programme that gives the learner valuable insights into sciences and history like never before, plus the chance to develop powerful and portable 21st Century life skills such as communication and empathy along the way. Learners can explore exciting subjects like animation, time travel, exploding science and superhero themes with exercises related to report writing, presentation skills and creating e-portfolios.

Sign up today for our 4 week Summer programme, all available for only £350. This summer programme is also subject to a £50 registration fee.

The schedule for our 4 week Summer programme is as follows:

Key Stage 2 (Ages 7-11), 0930 – 1130

Key Stage 3 (Ages 11-14),  1230 – 1430

Classes run Monday to Thursday for four weeks starting Monday 20 July.

Learners will study Illustration and Comic Strip design focusing on the idea of Superheroes found in our everyday lives. They will develop their narrative, learn a few illustrative sketching techniques, build 3D sets and backdrops, and then photograph their drawings or objects using forced perspective to produce a modern take on the traditional Comic Strip. This can be extended into stop-motion animation where their narrative comes to life!

From the smallest explosions such as seed pods busting, to massive explosions in space, learners will have an opportunity to look at what happens and why in ‘Exploding Science’. They will start by exploring explosions in biology, looking at how plants have adapted to disperse their seeds, making their own model seeds. In a chemistry session children will have an opportunity to create their own explosions using items from the kitchen, including a model volcano. A physics session will allow children to see how stars are formed. The week will culminate in a sessions where children will look at how humans are using rockets to help in our exploration of space and have an opportunity to make their own rockets.

Join us as we travel through time to learn how Geography aided in the seemingly unstoppable expansion of the Roman Empire. How Greek Religion, myth and legend have shaped our language and how the Norse warriors, known as the Vikings, became one of the most feared people in History.

Over the course of a week, learners will have the opportunity to study about the Greeks, Romans, and Vikings through the lenses of Geography, History and Religious Education. We will discuss how they are remembered through History, how Geography moulded their cultures and how religion played an integral role in their societies. Learners will produce an individual piece of work on one of the cultures which they will present to the rest of the group.

Animate it! – Learners will use Scratch to study programming and make an animation. KS2 students will be working on a Wildlife Animation. On the first day, they will study where animation comes from, then they will move on to look at the Scratch Stage and coding blocks.  KS3 children will work on a Haunted House Animation using sprites, coordinates and coding blocks to make their house interactive.  Both groups will use blocks in Scratch to learn programming terms and understand how we can use coding to animate objects.

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