The school day

The stress of the dreaded school run and the mad scramble to get up and out the door on time is a thing of the past for InterHigh pupils and their parents.


Pupils login into lessons via their computers or laptops and land on their own private dashboard. From here they can navigate their way around the whole school, checking their own personal timetable and the main school noticeboard. By 9.30am, it’s time for the first lesson of the day and we can see who has logged on and at what time.

Real-time lessons

After logging into school, pupils click the relevant icon to enter their lesson where they are greeted by their teacher. All our teachers are qualified secondary school teachers with vast experience of standard as well as virtual teaching. Lessons are just like traditional lessons, enhanced with engaging content. They are often lively and dynamic and due to our online status, there is usually a friendly and supportive atmosphere in class.

A fully interactive classroom

During lessons, pupils can communicate with the teacher and each other in numerous ways including: voice, text, whiteboard, notes, recordings, presentations, screen sharing and co-web browsing. Teachers constantly monitor pupil interaction and respond to general questions or privately to individual queries. The absence of distractions or disruptions enables teachers to devote themselves entirely to teaching and learning.


Before the end of the lesson, the teacher sets the class homework. The homework has to be completed and uploaded to the schools learning platform. This does away with the need to email any completed homework and keeps it safe on the school databases where the relevant teacher can see the completed homework, mark it and then leave a short report for feedback.

Subjects you can study

We teach the full British Curriculum, offering a wide range of Key Stage 3 subjects right through to IGCSE and A Levels, providing the perfect foundation for future studies.

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