Ten online learning tips!

When you’re used to attending a traditional schooling environment, making the switch to online education can feel like a big change. As online schooling experts with over 15 years of experience, we at InterHigh thought we’d put our knowledge to good use by sharing some helpful advice and tips for online learning to help you adjust!

1.    Keeping your mind happy

Wellbeing is fed from our thoughts, experiences and our actions. So, the more positive our outlook, the greater our emotional wellbeing! Keep your mind healthy and happy by staying active, connecting with others at InterHigh and embracing mindfulness.

2.    Stay engaged

Just like in a traditional classroom setting, take notes during lessons, interact with your classmates and with your teacher to reap the learning benefits! Participating in lessons as much as you can, asking questions and talking about the topic at hand with your peers will help to keep you engaged and to retain important information.

3.    Study in comfort

Wherever you’re studying, it’s important that it is a quiet space that is organised, free of distractions and available to use at any time. Having a dedicated workspace will help you to adjust to online learning, as well as enabling you to concentrate much better.

4.    Get organised

Getting organised will put you ahead of the game! Make sure your books, computer, pens and notepad are all easily accessible for when you need them. It is also good practice to turn off your phone and log out of all social networks when you’re studying, preventing any further distractions.

5.    Make the most of the online portal

With InterHigh, learners have plenty of helpful resources available on our online learning platform, including our 24/7 lesson library and our parent portal. These are great for revision purposes, going over something you didn’t understand first time round or catching up when you’ve had to miss a lesson.

6.    Take regular breaks

Staring at your screen for too long can cause a lack of concentration and tiredness, affecting your ability to work efficiently. Give yourself plenty of screen breaks away from your study space to stay motivated!

7.    Make new friends with InterHigh

At InterHigh, you can make new friends with our online learning platform and join our virtual common room on a Friday afternoon for parties, competitions, games and more! Plus, our activity breaks are a great opportunity to meet up with friends you’ve made at InterHigh and forge new friendships too.

8.    Embrace the flexible approach to learning

Learning online gives you the flexibility to do the things you love around your online education, so if you have a spare hour, why not explore a new hobby? Whether it’s arts and crafts or having a kickabout in the garden, find something you’re passionate about!

9.    Keep active

It’s important to keep both our mind and body active throughout the school day, just as you would at a mainstream school. Take a short walk, go for a quick run, cycle around the block or do an online workout to get your heart pumping. Plus, every week InterHigh run an optional exercise class, keeping you motivated!

10.    Ask for help

Both in and outside of the classroom, asking for help is really important. Whether it’s a school-related task you need to speak to a teacher about or you’re struggling mentally, talking is key to keeping your mind happy. Chat to friends or family members, or even contact some of the great organisations on hand to offer mental health support. Our pastoral team are also available throughout the school day, providing a confidential channel for learners to discuss all aspects of their lives.

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