How It Works

InterHigh is a complete interactive Primary School, Secondary School and Sixth Form College. Pupils are able to study the full British Curriculum at InterHigh from home or wherever there is an internet connection.

Real-Time Online Lessons

All lessons are taught live by our experienced and expert teachers. Within timetabled lessons, we utilise a number of teaching and learning methods.

Common Room for Socialising

Following lessons, students can socialise in common rooms and take part in social clubs and activities.

24-hour Access to the Library

All lessons are recorded and are accessible 24/7. This is a useful resource for homework, revision and project work and enables pupils to catch up on work if they miss lessons.

A sophisticated learning platform with fully interactive classrooms

During the lesson, pupils communicate with the teacher and each other through a wide variety of medium. Video, voice, text, whiteboard, notes, recordings, presentations, screen sharing and co-web browsing are just a few options. Individual pupils can be asked to work through specific examples, share their work or lead the class. Giving every pupil the opportunity to directly and privately message the teacher, means that no question is ever left unspoken or unanswered.

A Global Community of Students

We are an inclusive and diverse school and welcome students from all over the world. Lifelong connections and friendships are made at InterHigh. As an online school, students are able to take study and learn wherever they are in the world.

Term Dates Academic Year 18/19

InterHigh School follows standard UK independent school terms. The school calendar is made up of 3 terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer. The current academic year calendar is available below. For a printable version of the 18/19 InterHigh calendar, please click the button below.

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Autumn Term

Start of term

Monday, 3rd September

Autumn half term

Monday, 22nd October to Friday, 2nd November

End of term

Friday, 14th December

Spring Term

Start of term

Monday, 7th January

Spring half term

Monday, 18th February to Friday, 22nd February

End of term

Friday, 5th April

Summer Term

Start of term

Tuesday, 23rd April

Summer half term

Monday, 27th May to Friday, 31st May

End of term

Friday, 5th July

InterHigh activity breaks, school trips and summer parties

Our annual events are fantastic opportunities for pupils to meet and socialise together whilst sharing the experiences of the trip. Our families travel from across the UK and the world to be able to meet up and spend time together. Last year, our students had the opportunity to attend 3 events, including a tour of the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios, an activity weekend at PGL Liddington and the end of year school ball. Pictures from the events can be found across our social media.

Our 2019 event will take place at a specialist adventure centre specialising in school trips. For further details please click here to see our blog. 

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Find out about the experiences of some of past and present InterHigh pupils.

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A high-quality British education, delivered in real-time online classrooms

The education and learning provided by our experienced and professional teachers forms a coordinated, coherent curriculum offering for our pupils.