Online Law A Level course overview

The aims of the AS & A Level Law syllabus are to:

  • Provide an introduction to legal concepts and rules and the machinery involved in their introduction,
    application and enforcement;
  • Encourage candidates to explore and understand the substantive rules of law;
  • Explore and critically assess the value of legal rules, processes and institutions;
  • Develop skills of communication, interpretation, reasoning and analysis.

As a result, learners build their knowledge and understanding of the English legal system, and develop a critical awareness of its structure, personnel and operation. The syllabus also focuses on two areas of substantive law (contract and tort), and encourages learners to develop skills of analysis and problem-solving through the application of legal rules.

Prior learning

Candidates beginning this course are not expected to have studied Law previously. A qualification in English equivalent to IGCSE would be useful.


Cambridge International A Level Law provides a suitable foundation for the study of Law or related courses in higher education. Equally it is suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in Law, or as part of a course of general education.

Fee Information:

Students based in the UK have the option to pay annually, per term or monthly. International students based outside the UK cannot pay monthly.




AS and A Level

Exam board:

Cambridge International


1 year for AS Level with an additional year for A Level

Delivery method:

Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to curriculum

Start date:


Exam Details:

Law A Level exams will be supervised and sat at an examination centre local to you

Course fee:

Pupils can choose A Level Law and add other A Levels for an added fee per subject, per year. Find out more.

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