Interhigh offers a complete secondary education online

InterHigh has a 10-year track record of delivering an holistic school environment that has supported our pupils in making excellent progress and securing outstanding educational outcomes. Over this time we have deepened our understanding of what is required to provide an effective online classroom; technology, content, teaching, interaction, assessment, assignments etc. and have created an environment conducive to delivering exceptional teaching and learning.

Our school is an ideal complement to a more traditional school offering in a range of contexts:

Extending the curriculum – InterHigh provides an effective learning environment enabling the student to pursue their ideal study choices. This works equally well for specialist interest courses or to help resolve timetabling clashes.

Pupils in transition – there are variety of occasions when a student’s attendance has been disturbed. All too often this can cause a cycle of challenges in accessing the curriculum and effectively reintegrating into the school. InterHigh, through its online teaching programme, curriculum library and lesson recordings and personalised curriculum options can create a comprehensive support programme to enable pupils to come back up to speed prior to returning to full-time mainstream schooling. We are able to support in year admissions as well as effectively transitioning pupils back into a traditional school environment.

Stage-based education – the nature of our online classroom environment is ideally suited to supporting pupils at either end of the academic spectrum; allowing them to discretely access either accelerated learning study programmes or intensive support to enable them to access the wider curriculum.

For all pupils we have comprehensive pastoral support and monitoring systems that track attendance, engagement, progress, work completion and provide regular feedback. This information, together with all lesson recordings is available for schools to demonstrate and report on attendance, progress and safeguarding.

We can provide options for schools to enrol pupils for a single course, a broader curriculum programme or to reserve school places that may involve several pupils taking their place in the school over the course of a year.

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