Save Us From The Titans

Local public services received a record number of applications to secondary schools this year according to reports that also reveal that 1 in 6 secondary schools are now at or over capacity.

Additionally, this report by The Telegraph also shows that 6% of applicants failed to receive none of their offers.

Whilst an obvious, cost-effective and relative rapid response to the demand for ever more school places is to ‘super-size’ schools there is a real danger that this will be at the cost of the heart and soul of the school. Moving into an organisation with hundreds of staff and many more hundreds of fellow pupils is daunting enough… scale this to thousands and the danger is that pupils are simply swallowed up in the amorphous mass.

At InterHigh our groups are no more than 18 pupils per class and our highly personalised learning environment makes pupils feel safe, welcome and happy so they can get on with learning. Added to this the fact that classroom lessons finish by around lunchtime means that pupils have more time for each other, in school or following their own pursuits.

The experience of Thomas is typical of someone joining the school.

If you hadn’t considered independent schooling until now, perhaps this is the time to think again.

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