Meet Niamh

Student Profile

Niamh Jarvis - 2016

Reasons for Choosing InterHigh

Mental Health Issues


International GCSES

Current Position

On a Gap Year - Working for a Residential School for Children

I joined Interhigh in September 2014, when my mental health issues were preventing me from attending my local high school full time.

Interhigh gave me the flexibility to study half of my exam subjects from home, which enabled me to focus on improving my health and achieving the best possible grades in all my exams.

Preparing for a better future…

I’m currently on a voluntary gap year living and working in a residential school for children with additional support needs in Aberdeen. In September I will start studying Psychology at the University of Glasgow.

Studying with Interhigh taught me how to take responsibility for my learning, whilst giving me the support and guidance necessary to prepare me for my exams. I also met one of my best friends in my Interhigh classes; we have kept in touch since and I look forward to visiting him one day in California!

As a pupil, why should I choose InterHigh?

Our online school is unique in its flexibility, approach and accessibility. Effective classroom learning without interruptions allows pupils to progress in their learning giving them time to pursue other interests.

As a parent, what do i need to know?

Our British Curriculum offering a wide range of Key Stage 3 subjects right through to IGCSE and A Levels, offers the perfect foundation for future studies. Our revolutionary teaching model allows pupils to make excellent progress in rapid time.