Gene Gurie Actor

Actor Gene Gurie stars in Children’s BAFTA-winning series Secret Life of Boys on CBBC. He joined InterHigh because he found it difficult to combine acting with his studies at a secondary school.

Can you tell us about your educational experiences before joining InterHigh?

I was at a secondary school in Islington before InterHigh, but I found it quite difficult to combine my acting and schooling.

How does studying at InterHigh differ? Is it better and if so how?

At Interhigh my lessons come to set with me, if I can’t be in a live lesson I just watch the recorded version in tutoring time, so it fits in perfectly for me. Every day on set is different and a rigid timetable is impossible to follow so having my lessons available whenever or wherever I can do tutoring is so helpful, even when I’m up a hill in Belfast dressed as a goblin (you’ll see in the show)! Interhigh has been a real asset to me as an actor as I can do what I love while keeping up with my education at the times that suit my filming schedule.

Aside from signing up to the InterHigh Activity Weekend School Play, what advice would you give to InterHigh pupils interested in getting involved in acting?

If you have a passion for acting follow your dream, join some local acting clubs or even act out some plays with your friends. It really is hard work, but I love what I do.

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