Eden Golan Singer

Singer Eden Golan is a member of Russian pop group The Cosmos Girls. She was invited to join the band after reaching the finals of the Voice Kids Russia 2018. InterHigh's flexible style of learning allows Eden to fit in her studies around her busy singing career.

Fitting in your studies around your career must be challenging, why did you join InterHigh and how does it compare to your previous educational experiences?

I joined InterHigh with the hope that I will be able to attend school more than I could attend normal school, because when I went to a normal school, I would usually miss a ton of lessons and catching up was really hard. InterHigh gives me the opportunity to attend school way more and also gives me the possibility to catch up by watching recordings.

Can you talk us through a typical day when you’re appearing in a show or shooting a video and how you fit school in around it if it falls on a school day?

Usually when I have a video shooting or a concert, I wake up really early and try to do some homework if I can. Then I might attend school depending on my timetable. After concerts and shootings, I try my best to finish my homework, however, I think you can imagine it's quite hard.

You can study at InterHigh wherever there’s an internet connection, what are the most unusual places you’ve had a live lesson?

Probably the most unusual place where I attended a live lesson was at the grocery store!

Aside from signing up to the InterHigh Activity Weekend performance, what advice would you give to InterHigh pupils interested in getting involved in music?

I think the most important thing is to follow your dreams and try to become better at what you love doing. Work hard because one day, you will see the result, and a good result is never frustrating!

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