Daniel Wilmot Musical Actor

Daniel Wilmot has appeared in West End musicals such as Annie Jr and The Secret Garden. Studying at InterHigh gives Daniel the flexibility to follow his passion of working in musical theatre full-time.

Fitting in your studies around your acting career must be challenging, why did you join InterHigh and how does it compare to your previous educational experiences?

It is very hard to fit both in, especially when school is so intense, which it can be. I know school does need to be the priority, but at the same time I wasn’t prepared to give up on what I love to do and hope to do as a career. So, when we heard about InterHigh, I thought it was the perfect way to combine school and my passion, because there are less hours, so I’m not constantly late to rehearsals, I don’t waste time on travelling and I can do my lessons anywhere! Interhigh are also more accepting of your other important commitments and they are happy to work around you.

You can study at InterHigh wherever there’s an internet connection, what are the most unusual places you’ve had a live lesson?

I went on holiday to Ibiza and I sat by the pool doing my lesson to make sure I was still learning, but I was able to go on holiday in term time.

Can you describe why InterHigh is a good option for actors and would you recommend it to your peers and if so why?

I think it’s really perfect for actors. It helps with the time aspect, because the school day is shorter and there is no travel, so you have more time to get to rehearsals, shows etc. It also allows you to do your lesson anywhere and whenever you are free, as all lessons are recorded. If you miss a day due to a show or audition, you can just do the lesson later. InterHigh gives you all the tools to manage your learning yourself, so if you have enough self-motivation, then I would definitely recommend it.

Aside from signing up to the InterHigh Activity Weekend School Play, what advice would you give to InterHigh pupils interested in getting involved in acting?

My advice would be to just get out there and get into your local theatre school and just keep working your way up. You can’t expect to just go straight to the top and work in the West End, you need to work your way up and with practice, you will get where you want to be.

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