Bobby Ragan Ice Hockey

Bobby Ragan is an international Ice Hockey player. InterHigh provides Bobby with the flexible timetable he needs to be able to fit training in around his studies as he works towards becoming a professional ice hockey player.

Can you tell us about your educational experiences before InterHigh?

I went to a comprehensive school in a physical building with 200 pupils in my year. I had a timetable and I studied 10 subjects. I was good at most of them like P.E, Geography, History and Maths, mostly because I liked those lessons. I didn’t like Drama, Music, E.P, English and I.T because I found them all boring.

Why did you decide to join InterHigh? And how has studying at InterHigh improved things?

I joined InterHigh for a better education. I play Ice Hockey for England and InterHigh gives me the opportunity to learn, get fit, be healthy and to be the best I can be at hockey and my schooling. InterHigh is the best school for me to become a professional Ice hockey player.

From your experience, can you talk us through a typical day at InterHigh?

At InterHigh we listen to lessons online. When I do homework, I get credits. Credits are like money so we can then get items from the InterHigh shop. I can learn at home and the lessons are flexible. If I have training when one of my live lessons are on, then I can catch up with it later.

Why should people who may be going through similar experiences to you, consider InterHigh?

It's all flexible.

Any tips for potential and existing InterHigh students of how to get the most out of their time at InterHigh?

Learn to use the dashboard, and to say hi when entering a lesson.

On reflection what’s your favourite thing about InterHigh?

I can still do my lesson if I miss it because all the lessons are recorded. I can also do the lessons I like.

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