Amy Lally Actress

Actress Amy Lally lives in France and dealt with depression and bullying at school. Since moving to InterHigh, Amy says her depression has completely healed and that she is enjoying, "living life to its fullest." Read more about her story below.

Can you tell us about your educational experiences before InterHigh?

I started going to public school at 6 years old – I went to two primary schools then two middle schools before I started homeschooling. I went to school in France. I went to both public and private schools between the ages of 6 and 14. The last school I attended was a French private middle school. The style of learning was very rigid – there was very little creativity included in the curriculum or encouraged at all and we had to learn everything off by heart. Even the art and music classes were tightly controlled. There were rules about everything and we could never express our own creativity or personality in our work. The main focus was on mathematics and science. All students were expected to excel in these subjects and the pressure was very high. For students like me who struggled in these subjects, we would fall behind in the classes and teachers were very unsympathetic and unhelpful. I was constantly told I wasn’t working hard enough when the problem was that I didn’t understand the lessons and they moved on too fast. I worked hard in my favourite subjects – literature and languages – which were unfortunately looked down on because teachers didn’t believe you could have a career based on those subjects. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough.

Why did you decide to join InterHigh?

I decided to join Interhigh because it was the only online school to offer reliable and professional teachers and because the school community seemed very friendly and welcoming. I was with another online school before and found it very difficult as I had to basically self-teach myself with very little help from the teachers who I could only contact through email (and sometimes they never replied!). The independence was quite over-whelming and stressed me out quite a bit.

Has studying at InterHigh improved things?

Interhigh was an immediate relief when I started out with them as the live lessons and the teachers ensure that you’re not alone in your education and that you’re getting the help you need. I feel really confident that Interhigh is ensuring my education is the best it can be and that the teachers care about me. I also dealt with bullying and depression at school. The bullying in my school was so harsh, many kids dealt with it, including myself. I became so depressed that I couldn’t leave the house. My parents decided to homeschool me when they saw how bad the situation had become. That decision changed my life. I became the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been and my depression has completely healed. I’m enjoying living life to its fullest now. Since joining InterHigh and learning from home, my family life has been transformed and we all became so much closer. I like to say that homeschooling brought my family together! I get to spend way more time with my parents and siblings and I love it. I have unearthed so many interests and passions of mine that I never knew I had before and have performed in theatre shows and acted in films around Europe since I started studying at home. I’ve met so many people of all different ages and backgrounds and I feel I have learnt so much from these experiences. You learn through living – not through brick and mortar schools and rigid learning. I really feel like this is the message Interhigh is putting across and I love how the lessons are recorded and the flexibility of the school – you can travel all over the world and do all sorts while continuing your education. With Interhigh, you can actually be a kid and live the life a kid should live – a life full of exploration, relaxation and play. Kids shouldn’t have to be stressed out and I know that my sister and I have thrived in the relaxed comfortable setting of this online school.

What is a typical day at InterHigh like for you?

A typical day for me is waking up early and going straight downstairs to start my schoolwork. I love studying and I love my school so I’m always excited to get up and get on with my day. My sister and I often get up early to take dogs for walks (we started running our own little dog-sitting business once we started homeschooling – this teaches us independence and allows us to earn our own money). I attend my online lessons and then I do independent study and homework. I have a website called A-Levels with Amy where I post all my Literature essays and I enjoy updating that every so often and designing the website and its pictures. My family and I make lots of time for sport in the evenings – we walk lots of dogs, I play volleyball, my parents go to the gym and my sister does gymnastics and dancing. Then we usually eat dinner together and chat. We have such relaxed yet productive days. I love the live lessons because I enjoy interacting with my teachers and classmates and learning together. I also enjoy the fact that they’re recorded and we have access to the lesson material to study in our own time.

Apart from the subjects you study, what else has InterHigh taught you?

Interhigh taught me independence and how to work effectively to achieve my goals, which has benefited me in many ways. I find I am more independent and diligent than most kids my age I meet nowadays and it’s all thanks to Interhigh! Interhigh also helped develop my creativity – I love contributing to the writing magazine, seeing the other students’ art, making little videos about my experiences at this online-school and having the time to pursue my passions in acting and creative writing.

Why should people who may be going through similar experiences to you, consider InterHigh?

Anyone who has dealt with bullying and depression like me should consider Interhigh because it’s the safest, most welcoming school ever and will help you find joy in learning again. It’s like a big family. The teachers and students are all so kind – there is no hostile environment, not like the ones you usually find in public schools. You can attend a class and focus entirely on the schoolwork – the other students don’t cause distractions like in real school and they are all so helpful and polite. The teachers focus on your strengths and help you learn in fun ways. Creative work is always encouraged. And it’s the best online school because you don’t have to be as independent. Interhigh is more involved than other online schools – your education and success is very important to them.

Any tips for potential and existing InterHigh students of how to get the most out of their time at InterHigh?

I would say make an effort to reach out to the school community and the other students because getting to know those lovely people is truly a blessing. Unlike most online schools, Interhigh offers so many extracurricular classes. You can join the writing group, the debate group or go to the common room. My classmates and I have a Whatsapp Group and we help each other with homework. Chatting with fellow homeschoolers from across the world is such a privilege and a learning opportunity. I love hearing the other students’ stories. Another tip I have would be take advantage of the creative freedom you’re given! Being in this online school doesn’t mean you need to be stuck to a computer all day. I love making crafts and filming videos for homework assignments. You have the time and you have the tools since you’re studying from home. You can have so much more fun learning with Interhigh!

On reflection what’s your favourite thing about InterHigh?

Their mission to better the lives of children across the world by revolutionising online schooling and challenging the stereotypes placed around education. I genuinely feel like Interhigh’s main aim to is to make children happy. And I’m so inspired and thankful for that. (Or a less philosophical answer would be the live lessons because I love how I get to interact with my teachers and fellow students).

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