Xiuli Zhang

Xiuli Zhang is the mother of table tennis star, Anna Hursey, the youngest athlete in the history of any sport to compete in the Commonwealth Games.

Anna’s achievements are incredible for such a young age, you must be so proud. Anna’s regime must be really demanding, how do you manage as a family?

In order to look after Anna, I had a four-year career break. Anna and I are based in Tianjin, China, where Anna trains for approximately 35-40 hours a week with the Tianjin regional men’s team. About 5-6 hours of her training is physical exercise, which is a tough regime for her.

What inspired you to make the change to online learning with InterHigh?

The main reason for enrolling Anna at InterHigh was the flexibility, meaning she can do lessons anywhere and anytime – providing there is an internet connection. Learning with InterHigh has utilised Anna’s precious time to train.

How does InterHigh fit around yours and Anna’s lifestyle?

This form of learning suits my lifestyle as I work through the internet. Anna is often working at the same time as me too, so we can synch Anna’s learning with my work, meaning we have lots of valuable free time together.

After making the change to online learning with InterHigh, how has the quality of education surprised you and in what way?

I’m really pleased that Anna can study online and continue working to the national curriculum whilst being abroad. Before InterHigh, I didn’t know this was possible and I was so pleased when I found out about this online learning platform. Visit our pupil story section to read more about Anna Hursey!

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