Online alternative schooling options for secondary school drop out

Dropping out of school in the mainstream education system can happen for a number of reasons. Mainstream secondary school is not suitable for everyone. Many pupils find the transition from primary school to secondary school overwhelming and full of anxiety. There are various causes of secondary school drop out for young people in Year 7 and above. Following a pupil’s first term, many parents may decide it is best to withdraw their children from school altogether. If you are looking for an alternative to secondary school and early school leavers courses, then InterHigh could be the answer to your situation.

About InterHigh

InterHigh is the UK’s leading full time, interactive online Primary School, Secondary school and Sixth Form College. Pupils from across the UK and Internationally enrol at InterHigh for a complete, independent, primary and secondary education. Hundreds of pupils, many of whom are early school leavers, have found our revolutionary teaching model to be the perfect online alternative to secondary school.

How it works

We teach the national curriculum for England. Our experienced, qualified staff lead pupils in time-tabled, interactive, online lessons in time slots between 9:30am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. Each pupil has their own personal control panel through which they can interact with classmates and teachers and also access our school library, clubs and societies. One of the advantages of being an online school is that all lessons are recorded and archived. This means students can access the content online 24/7 to revise, prepare for lessons or to work on projects.

Advantages of being at an online school

High school education online offers a number of advantages for students dropping out of mainstream schools. Our class sizes are smaller and kept to a maximum of 18 pupils up to IGCSE and 15 for AS and A Levels. This means each pupil gains more attention from teaching staff than they would in bigger classes elsewhere. Activities are not restricted by the limitations of a physical school building and breakout areas for group work can easily be set up in our virtual classrooms. InterHigh’s online status also enables teachers to teach for the entire length of the lesson time without the disruption, interruptions and distractions one might expect at a more traditional school.

Promoting independent learning

Many pupils that have left mainstream education have gone on to succeed by going to our school online. We find that pupils make rapid progress by following our innovative approach to online learning. The syllabus for each subject is designed to be engaging for pupils. We also structure sessions to promote and encourage independent learning and further enquiry. Pupils are deliberately taught no more than two subjects a day, in a bid to consolidate learning.

We find that this approach gives pupils good grounding for the way in which further and higher education is taught. On average many of our students go on to graduate with an upper second class degree or higher at university.

Key Stage 3

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