Neuroscience STEM Event

Tutorial in Neuroscience

Another high level STEM event is being hosted by InterHigh School next week.

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer InterHigh students the chance to attend a Half-Day Introductory Tutorial in Neuroscience.

Neuroscience is essentially the scientific study of the nervous system and its multi-disciplinary nature deals with everything from ion channels to human behaviour to applications in the clinic and beyond.

InterHigh School’s Psychology and Biology GCSE and A level students will attend the tutorial will be led by Dr Guy Sutton, who is the Director of Medical Biology Interactive and Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham School of Medicine.

Dr Sutton has a strong reputation and his primary areas of interest include the genetics of neurodevelopment and neuropathology and the interactive nature of genetic, biological and behavioural factors.

This should be a fascinating morning in which Dr Sutton will guide students through basic brain anatomy and psychological models and explore sociobiological interactions. An invaluable experience for our young science students, many of who wish to prepare for future research in Behavioural Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience.

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