Enrolment costs

There is a non-returnable Registration Fee of £100 per child payable upon submission of the Registration Form.

When a place is accepted and the chosen payment option is pay monthly, a deposit of £1000 is payable to InterHigh.

For Key Stage 2 and 3, the deposit will be returned at the end of the school year when any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid.

For Key Stage 4 and 5, the deposit will be returned once any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid, and the student has fed back their exam results to the Head of Key Stage 4/5.

We offer education from primary school, year 3. This means we can only accept pupils from 7 years of age onwards.

Pricing is inclusive of VAT where applicable.

Understanding our Fees

Please select a key stage and year group to reveal school fees and payment options.

Notice of withdrawal

Parents can withdraw their child at any point by giving notice to leave the school. Notice of withdrawal can be given by email to [email protected]. Notification by any other means including by telephone is not valid. It is expected that there will be prior consultation with the Head Teacher before the withdrawal of a Pupil. Notice of withdrawal can only be retracted once. If notice to withdraw is given a second time, the decision is final. A pupil that wishes to remain in school after this will need to enrol again as a new student.

Annual Contract

You can terminate this Agreement with effect from the end of the last day of the summer term of the academic year by providing notice on or before the last teaching day. We will remind you in writing at least 30 days before the deadline for giving notice. If you withdraw the pupil at any point prior to the final day of the summer term, fees will be owed up to the end of the academic year less an early payment discount as outlined in the Conditions of Attendance. Please note, if you decide to leave at any time during the academic year, you will still be responsible for the full academic year’s fees when signing on with the Annual contract.

For the avoidance of doubt, if notice is not provided by the last day of scheduled lessons for the school in the Summer Term then the pupil will be deemed to be continuing for the following academic year.

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