Who’s your Lockdown Superhero?

Our theme for this summer is ‘Superheroes’ and we couldn’t think of any superhero more powerful than those who care for us every day.

Lockdown has been challenging for everyone. Whether you’re having to spend more time at home, your parents or guardians are key workers or you’re really missing other family and friends – everyone has been impacted.

Through all of this, superheroes have emerged among us, caring for us, inspiring us and doing everything they can to help us through hard times.

That’s why we want you to help us say thanks!

Lockdown Superhero Competition

We wanted to give our learners the opportunity to thank those who have helped them through this tough situation by transforming them into the superhero they are! It might be your mum, dad, guardian, sibling, carer, postman, supermarket staff member, someone in the NHS or anyone else who has helped you in some way during these strange few months.

Captain Colin, also known as Olympic silver medallist and InterHigh Ambassador, Colin Jackson CBE, is on the look out for a new superhero companion to join him. We want you to write about or draw your lockdown hero and let us know what they have been doing that makes you so proud of them!

So, who has been your hero during lockdown?

How can I join in?

Draw or tell us what costume your lockdown superhero would wear, what powers they would have and even come up with their superhero name. You can be as creative as you like! Why not create a story of their adventures, or draw them on the cover of their very own comic!

There’s even a prize for the winner…

The winner will have their idea brought to life in a cartoon and will feature next month alongside Captain Colin across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Where shall I send my idea?

Send your entries to competitions@interhigh.co.uk and we will be sure to consider yours! We will also be featuring some of the best entries across our social media next month, so make sure you get yours in by the 3rd July 2020.

Good luck!

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