Online learning with InterHigh

Learning with InterHigh isn’t just learning online, it’s a fully interactive online school. Our flexible approach gives students the scope to learn when it suits them, which is ideal for those who may have to miss lessons due to other commitments or extenuating circumstances. Our extensive offering of Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form education delivers real-time lessons to students, allowing them to interact with teachers and peers throughout lesson time. Plus, learning with InterHigh provides learners with a tailored education, facilitating effective learning without traditional classroom distractions.

An interactive learning platform

All InterHigh lessons are taught in real-time, and our Follow Lessons are fully interactive. Throughout lesson time, learners are able to communicate verbally with their teacher with ease, using their mic. They can even write to them using the class chat box, or discreetly private messaging them if they are worried about asking questions in front of their peers.

24/7 lesson archive

Our school day takes place between 9am and 4.20pm Monday to Thursday, with Friday’s being 9am until 1pm. All of our lessons are taught in real-time by expert teachers and are later stored in the InterHigh online lesson archive. These lesson recordings and resources are an invaluable benefit of online learning with InterHigh and are available 24/7.

Lead and follow lessons

Each subject has one Lead Lesson and two Follow Lessons. Lead Lessons prepare learners for further and higher education, as these larger classroom sessions encourage independent learning. Follow Lessons subsequently involve tasks and activities around that week’s topic with much smaller groups. Lessons are 40-minutes long, equating to 2 hours of learning per week, per subject.

Sign up for an InterHigh taster session

Get a taste of what it’s like to learn with InterHigh with one of our interactive taster sessions. Perfect for those who haven’t before experienced online learning but are thinking about making the change, our sessions give you a true insight into how InterHigh really works. You’ll be given full access to a live Lead Lesson taught in real-time, joining the class and having the opportunity to experience the world of online learning.

If you’d like to know more about InterHigh, sign up for one of our upcoming taster sessions below and get to know us firsthand! You can also watch the video on the left to experience an interactive open evening.


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