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What is an online school?

InterHigh is the UK’s leading online fee paying secondary school. Since it opened in 2005, the school has taught some 5,000 pupils and currently has around 1,300 pupils on roll aged between 10 and 19. About 30% of pupils study outside the UK.

Lessons are delivered in live, interactive classrooms by a professionally qualified teacher. The nature of our teaching environment means that disruptions and bad behaviour are a thing of the past – pupils can concentrate on their learning without interruption and are always able to message the teacher with their particular questions, comments or contributions.

Outside of lessons, there are lots of ways to get involved; we have a variety of special interest courses, clubs and societies. Our pupils can share their interests in the common room. We hold several social events every year, including the InterHigh Weekend.

InterHigh offers a full curriculum. As pupils move through the school they can study a full range of IGCSE, AS and A Level courses.

At InterHigh, you are firmly in control. Parental access to the school portal provides you with up to date records of your son or daughter’s progress, homework assignments, results and feedback. Most importantly InterHigh gives you time. As lessons take place mainly in the morning you will find there is so much more opportunity to pursue interests, hobbies and pastimes where ever you are.

We are hugely proud of our school and what our young people have achieved over the last 12 years.  Welcome to InterHigh.

Save time, money and effort whilst studying at InterHigh

The flexibility and accessibility of InterHigh makes learning convenient and truly personalised.

Key Stage 2

Online Primary School

Our qualified and experienced primary school teachers will focus on developing young learners who are inquisitive, vivacious and enterprising. We offer a core of 6 subjects plus primary age focused tutorials and weekly common room.

Key Stage 3

Online Secondary School

We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a broad core of 8 subjects plus additional subjects online.

Key Stage 4

IGCSEs Subjects

We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a core of 8 International GCSE examination courses online, which are followed by thousands of schools in the UK and Internationally. Pupils can also choose from a range of additional subjects

Key Stage 5

AS / A Levels Subjects

Our flexible approach enables students to choose almost any combination of subjects. AS and A level courses are delivered in real-time online classrooms, where students can engage with the teacher and collaborate with fellow students.

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Are you thinking of studying at InterHigh?

Find out how other parents and students benefitted from learning at InterHigh.

As a pupil, why should I choose InterHigh?

Our online school is unique in its flexibility, approach and accessibility. Effective classroom learning without interruptions allows pupils to progress in their learning giving them time to pursue other interests.

As a parent, what do I need to know?

Our British Curriculum, offering a wide range of Key Stage 3 subjects right through to IGCSE and A Levels, provides the perfect foundation for future studies. Our personalised learning teaching model allows pupils to make excellent progress in rapid time.