Online English Schools in Malaga

If you’re looking for an English school in Malaga for your children then your search may be over. InterHigh is an online secondary school. We teach the full UK curriculum in various subjects for pupils in year 7 through to iGCSEs, AS and A Levels. There are currently more than 700 pupils enrolled at InterHigh with many based in Spain in cities such as Malaga.

How InterHigh works?

For families living and working abroad and for international students who want a British curriculum based education, InterHigh is the ideal British school in Malaga. International schools in Malaga may not be conveniently located so studying with InterHigh can save you time and cost of travelling to one of the more conventional English schools in Malaga.

We use an innovative teaching model at InterHigh. As a result, pupils progress rapidly through their education and have more free time to enjoy the benefits of being based in or near Malaga. Our experienced teaching staff carry out interactive timetabled, real-time lessons online. If you are away from Malaga, there’s no need to worry. Our lessons can be accessed anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection. We monitor and encourage pupil interaction during lessons and are available to answer any questions from students.

The advantages of our online British School in Malaga

The fact that InterHigh is online gives it an advantage over a more traditional British school in Malaga. As we are online our teachers can fully focus on teaching for the whole lesson. There is none of the usual disruption and behavioural distractions one might expect at a more traditional classroom environment.

The curriculum is covered in classes and our students can access recordings of lessons 24/7. The recordings can be used to catch up if you’ve been away or to prepare for future lessons and exams. It’s not all work at InterHigh. Pupils have access to all the features you would expect at a physical British School in Malaga such as a library, common room, clubs and societies. Parents are also welcome to check how their children are progressing with us at all times.

Key Stage 3

Online Secondary School

Key Stage 4


Key Stage 5

Sixth form college - A / AS Levels

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