If you’ve recently had to move to Russia for work or other reasons then you may be searching for English schools in Moscow. InterHigh is an online English secondary school, which teaches pupils the full British curriculum, from iGCSEs through to AS and A Levels. We currently have more than 700 pupils enrolled at InterHigh, a large proportion of which are based abroad in places such as Moscow.

Quality UK secondary education wherever you are

International schools in Moscow may not be close to where you live or work. InterHigh’s online status therefore makes it the most convenient option for providing your children with a British curriculum-based quality education. Our professional staff teach all the core subjects you would expect to be taught in any of the International schools in Moscow, only at home, or wherever there is an internet connection, saving you both time and travel expenses.

How InterHigh works?

Real-time interactive timetabled lessons are taught by our experienced teachers online. All you need to access our lessons is an internet connection. We encourage and monitor pupil interaction during lessons and our staff are on hand to answer any questions pupils or their parents may have.

The advantages of studying at InterHigh

InterHigh’s teaching model gives it an edge over more conventional English schools in Moscow. In our experience, pupils make rapid progress in their education with us. Thanks to our online status, InterHigh teachers can focus on teaching for the entire length of lessons, without the distraction of disruption, interruptions and behavioural issues at more traditional classroom environments. Another advantage of being an online school is that we record all our lessons. This means that we have an archive of lessons which pupils can access 24/7 and use to revise for future classes and exams.

The way we structure and timetable lessons means that pupils have more time and energy to pursue extra-curricular activities and interests outside of the classroom. All InterHigh students have a personal login and control panel from which they can interact with classmates, teachers and use our online library, common room, clubs and societies. Parents are able to monitor their children’s progress and our staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Key Stage 3

Online Secondary School

Key Stage 4


Key Stage 5

Sixth form college - A / AS Levels

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