KS3 – Film Studies (Yr 8-9)

Film studies is an established discipline drawing on analysis and response to whole films and clips which show the technical elements of cinematography; lighting, editing, mise en scene (what is in the shot) and sound. Pupils will be taught to ‘read’ a film very much in the same way as they might read a literary text.

As the course develops, pupils will be encouraged to view themselves as consumers of the moving image with their responses shaped by narrative and genre (style of film) expectations. They will learn about the origins and development of film – primarily in Hollywood but also, they will look at case studies of world cinema such as Iranian, Russian, Australian cinema and their characteristics.

The course is highly interactive and practical enabling pupils to carry out a variety of independent work connected to film production such as posters, scripts, storyboards and short film production.

Ultimately the aim is for pupils to be able to express a point of view on film, supported by coherent evidence gathered from their studies.

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