InterHigh’s Open Evening – by Hannah Thompson

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Hannah and I’m the new girl at the Wey Education office. I’m the new Digital Marketing Executive and after only being with the company for just over a week, the concept of InterHigh being an ‘online school’ was something quite alien to me… that was until yesterday evening.

Last night, InterHigh held their first ever Open Event and I’m so pleased to say that it was a success. At 6:30pm myself and an abundance of other people including teachers, pupils, children and prospective parents logged into the InterHigh Blackboard and were introduced to Jacqui Daniell (CEO) and the world that is InterHigh.

What instantly took me by surprise was the sheer friendliness of everyone. Within the first two minutes of being welcomed into the ‘main room’ it was obvious that this wasn’t like any school I’d ever experienced or even imagined. The teacher-student relationship was one that almost seemed bizarre to me (in a good way.) I certainly don’t remember ever having a relationship so positive with any of my teachers throughout my education.

What also struck me as something rather surprising, was the attitudes belonging to the pupils. Never in my life have I met or seen students more enthusiastic than those that attended the InterHigh Open Evening last night – I didn’t think pupils like that existed. Again, referring back to my days at school, it was a rarity to find pupils who were so passionate about their education.

InterHigh’s uniqueness thoroughly impressed me, as well as the information about everyday school life. It’s fair to say that my idea of ‘online school’ was completely changed. It’s clear to see that InterHigh is different, and that it is the way forward for many students who need a fresh alternative to traditional school, or simply access to a great school no matter what their circumstances are.

I would like to thank everyone involved in last night’s Open Evening for opening mine, and others eyes to the school and the InterHigh ‘family’, which is obviously so greatly admired and represented by all students and staff.

If anyone attended and has any further questions regarding InterHigh, please don’t hesitate to contact for further information.

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