Learning On-Demand

Flexibility and freedom runs deep at Wey and we offer students the opportunity to top up their learning on-demand with InterHigh – sign up for as much or as little as you need; one, two or three subjects. Better still you can enrol for as long as you like too; one week right through to a complete academic year. The choice is yours. Below are our key stage 4 subjects currently on offer:

English is essential for life. A good pass in English Language is required by many jobs and college courses. It is a key that opens doors. Our exciting and interesting English Language course will challenge you to think, develop your key skills in reading, writing, talking and listening and prepare you for the world beyond school.

Get ready for your maths exams by joining in on our comprehensive maths programme. Offering tasks and resources designed to build confidence and enhance mathematics skills helping you to achieve improved understanding and outcomes.

Our Biology course will enable pupils to acquire knowledge and understanding of biological facts, terminology, concepts, principles and practical techniques that are considered essential for future progression in higher education that requires knowledge of Biology.

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