Classes run Monday – Thursday, 9.30am to 11.30am.

Summer School A, 19th – 29th July 2021.

Summer School B, 2nd – 12th August 2021.

Fostering a love of education and lifelong learning, we engage and immerse students from all backgrounds into some of the most exciting experiences. Our Summer School will connect students’ own experiences with science and knowledge development across Key Stages 2-3 (ages 7-14). The courses offer all children the chance to explore, interact with others and push their knowledge and skills to new levels. The courses cover science, arts and humanities subjects.

Exploring everything from exploding volcanoes to comic design and coding animations, Summer Schools A and B offer varied programmes so that students can join us throughout the full summer.

Sign up today for one of our 2 week Summer programmes, available for only £200. This summer programme is also subject to a £50 registration fee.

In week one, curiosity meets science in this fascinating exploration of how explosions happen in nature.

From the smallest explosions such as seed pods bursting to massive explosions in space, this course will give students the opportunity to experiment with natural processes and extend their hands on knowledge of science. This exciting programme allows students to study components from Biology, Chemistry and Physics as they consider exploding plants, volatile volcanoes and the creation of stars. A focus on exciting experiments, space exploration and building rockets to rival NASA will nurture a love of experimentation which will excite students about studying science.

For week two, students will then join us on a time travelling journey.

They will learn how Geography aided in the seemingly unstoppable expansion of the Roman Empire, how Greek religion, myth and legend have shaped our language, and how the Norse Viking warriors became one of the most feared people in history. Over one week, learners will have the opportunity to study the Greeks, Romans, and Vikings through the lenses of Geography, History and Religious Education, culminating in a workshop where students can show what they have learnt to their fellow time travellers.

This 2 week programme will develop critical thinking and communication, as well as creative, numerical, research and presentation skills.

In week one, superheroes will come to life through illustration.

This superpowered hands-on course will allow learners to study illustration, including comic strip design, focusing on everyday superheroes. In fun and interactive sessions, students will build up narrative, illustrative and sketching skills. Children will build their own comic strips using 3D sets and backdrops, photographs of their drawings or objects. They will also use stop-motion animation to bring their narratives to life!

Week two brings an introduction to coding for young programmers.

Join us a to learn the basic skills of visual programming, with coding and animation. Students will us computer software to create fun and exciting interactive stories, games and animations. Younger coders will be working on a wildlife animation, learn the history of animation, Scratch Stages and coding blocks. Older students will work on a haunted house snimation using sprites, coordinates and coding blocks to make their house interactive. Students will learn how to use blocks in Scratch to learn programming terms and understand the basics of animation.

This 2 week programme will develop creative, communication, reasoning and collaboration skills.

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