Study Skills

This combined study skills and digital literacy course will empower students (ages 14-16) to become more effective learners. By examining strategies such as how to incorporate proven time management, effective revision sessions and developing the 21st century skills to improve their overall student experience, we prepare young people for the world after graduation; teaching them the importance of concepts such as resilience and positivity. This project-based course will develop independent learning skills enabling students to harness their research skills and discover what they enjoy now and in the future.

The digital literacy part of the course addresses issues students face in their everyday lives such as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), digital footprints and how to communicate safely online. It will also develop their digital skills via project work. Students will enjoy the game-based element of the programme.

Sign up today for one of our 2 week Study Skills programmes, available for only £200. This programme is also subject to a £50 registration fee.

Study Skills A classes run Monday to Thursday from 19th July to 31st July.

Study Skills B classes run Monday to Thursday from 2nd August to 13th August.

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