Learning without limits

We believe the future of education should be everywhere and anywhere – open to all, regardless of level, experience, age, personal challenges, geography or time-zone. Never before have we had the chance to truly move beyond the classroom and think freely without limits and without ties. From Vancouver to Beijing, Reykjavik to Hobart, there are literally thousands of young, passionate learners developing their academic acumen and exploring their social skills online every day.

Are you concerned that your child has not developed the skills they need for studying effectively? Have they missed schooling? Are they looking to improve and accelerate how they learn?

This course will set up students with the study skills they need to learn effectively. Bringing together study and digital literacy skills: from revision techniques to aide memoires to accelerate learning. Learning will focus on development of 21st Century skills such as building resilience, time management, digital literacy and research skills.

This is a Project-Based course well suited to those needing to catch up on missing education or sharpening overall study skills.

We empower children who may be struggling with academic study: this course uses game-based approaches to build genuine engagement with study. We make education fun!

Our learning programmes

Our learning programmes speak volumes with over 15 years’ experience in perfecting and delivering high quality, dynamic and immersive virtual learning aimed at ambitious and curious students. Interactivity and hands-on activities, wherever possible, are key - we offer virtual field trips and virtual lab simulations where science simulations and storytelling add a new dimension to science in the real world.

We place great emphasis on socialising, sharing and collaboration across all age groups - Our unique Virtual Hub will enable students the opportunity to share common three-dimensional areas in the InterHigh virtual campus.

Learning Pathways

Choose from a wide array of learning pathways that are designed and tailored to fit around the learner - not the other way round. Short revision modules right through to full-time subject focused courses that offer a totally different experience, all delivered by dynamic and enthusiastic tutors across our powerful online platforms - efficient use of time which enables free study periods, restriction and disruption free lessons where students feel confident and empowered to take part in discussions and debates. Join InterHigh Summer Program and grow without limits.

Take the first step in your virtual learning journey by exploring our programmes:

Virtual Summer Programme

Study Skills

Learning on Demand