Providing quality online British education at an affordable cost

We are now offering the opportunity for students to trial InterHigh School for a half term at a cost of £300.00 per A Level subject. If, at the end of the half term period in which they start, a student isn’t suited to this type of learning, for any reason, there is no further commitment and no other fees are due. Where it is decided that a student wishes to continue with InterHigh, the process is simple and all that is required is a signed standard conditions of attendance.

Take control of your A Levels

InterHigh’s Sixth Form is a school that puts you control of your education. Our online classrooms utilise the latest technology in teaching to deliver fully engaging lessons, giving our students the inspiration to want to learn more. Our online lesson library means you have access to subject content whenever you need it.

Do you have any questions about our admissions process? Please get in touch

Our enrolment process is simple. Look over the 5 steps to enrol as an InterHigh student and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enrolment Process

The enrolment process takes between 1-2 weeks.

Complete a Registration Form

Complete a Registration form for your child and pay the £50 registration fee. Click here for form.

Please ensure you fill in each field when completing the registration form.

If there is information you do not have or know, put “unknown” or
“none”. For example, if you do not have a middle name put ‘none’
the box.

Processing Registration Form

The registration form is processed by the Admissions team. This can take a couple of days.

Email with Requirements

Once the registration form has been processed by the Admissions team , the parent will receive an email reply listing the requirements needed to proceed with their child’s enrolment.

Student Completes Induction

When all the requirements have been received by the Admission team, they will send an email with information on how the student can log into their Student Hub page in order to view the ‘Induction Video Guides'.

The induction will demonstrate to the new student how the school works and how to use all the facilities. All this information will be available to review in the student/parent handbook which will have been emailed to the parent during the enrolment process.

Once all the induction video guides have been viewed, the ‘Notify Admissions’ button has to be clicked in order for the Admissions team to know they have to build the new student’s timetable.

Begin Learning with InterHigh

Admissions will send the ‘Post Induction’ email to inform the parent of their child’s start date, once the timetable has been built. This usually takes between 2-3 working days.

Register for an open evening at InterHigh

Come along and meet key staff, pupils and parents.