Former InterHigh learner, Leana Janiszewsky, recognised as an Outstanding Pearson Learner

A huge congratulations to previous InterHigh learner, Leana Janiszewsky, for her award as Outstanding Pearson Learner for 2020!

The Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards is an annual ceremony, recognising the top-performing students of Pearson’s Edexcel and BTEC qualifications. This year, the event was held in Kenya, hosting outstanding learners from Tanzania, Uganda and Somalia.

We are super proud of Leana, who won the award for achieving the highest mark in Africa for the Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Geography.

Speaking to InterHigh about the win, Leana said:

“Winning the Outstanding Learner Award came as a fantastic surprise, as I didn’t know those awards even existed.

“It was very encouraging to be honoured and recognised in that way because it shows how much can be achieved, even unexpectedly, when you are passionate about something.

“My time at InterHigh has made me a more involved learner, allowed me to explore my interests both academic and non-academic, as well as given me a sense of independence and responsibility for my education.

“I have been supported by an excellent team of teachers throughout my time here, who inspire a passion for learning and a deeper understanding of the material.”

An integral part of InterHigh is our commitment to providing all of our learners with the best education, allowing them to reach their full potential, just like Leana!

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