InterHigh continues to offer high quality education despite COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has left ambiguity around the position of schools across the UK. However, due to the virtual nature of InterHigh, we can continue offering high quality teaching to all our pupils, despite current uncertainties. 

At InterHigh we provide an alternative to mainstream education and as such we have the tools and capability to continue to teach all our pupils, both in the UK and abroad, irrespective of the current situation regarding COVID-19. We take our social responsibility seriously both domestically and internationally and we will of course, continue to keep the situation under review and continue to follow the latest government guidelines where necessary. The safety and wellbeing of all our learners and staff remains our number one priority. 

The online, flexible nature of how we operate at InterHigh means that we can continue with no disruption to our teaching and learning. Pupils are able to learn and staff can teach, without being in a physical classroom, therefore it very much remains ‘business as usual’. 

We have continuously demonstrated that we are ahead of the game with all our provisions. We have the necessary provisions in place to ensure our staff can work from home as and when needed and will continue to review this provision in line with advice from the Government, Public Health England and Public Health Wales.    

In addition to this, we are currently in active conversations with all our suppliers to support them with their provisions in order to minimise any disruption and insure continuity of service. This includes ensuring that each job role has enough cover across the country, in case teachers are unable to work throughout this difficult period. This also includes providing further technical support and resources such as new servers, allowing teachers to teach as seamlessly as possible.    

We understand that receiving the highest quality education is especially significant for pupils in higher year groups at school, particularly those studying for their GCSEs, IGCSEs and A-Levels, therefore we are able to also continue providing a high-quality service to those requiring additional exam and revision support.

We would like to reassure all parents that InterHigh is fully equipped to continue supporting pupils throughout this period and beyond, no matter what the outcomes might be for mainstream school environments.  

All pupils will continue to have access to the best education possible, through our supportive online environment, helping pupils to flourish and achieve their aspirations. The widespread nature of COVID-19 does not change this, and we will continue to strive for the very best for all pupils and those who work with us.

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