Homeschooling support for parents and guardians

The homeschooling community in the UK is growing. According to a recent study by the education publication – Schools Week, the number of children being home schooled has almost doubled in the past six years in the UK*. InterHigh offers online homeschooling support for parents and guardians who have decided to home educate their children. As the UK’s leading online secondary school and sixth form college, InterHigh allows pupils to study the British curriculum, in full or in part, from home. Live lessons are delivered by experienced and qualified teachers and parents can track their child’s progress via the online school hub. We have helped many parents and their children who have opted for homeschooling with InterHigh.

*Based on FOI responses from 86 of 152 councils


Reasons for homeschooling

Why do parents and guardians decide to pursue home education for their children? There are various reasons, it may be for philosophical or religious incentives or due to their own positive experiences of home education.

Children may also start off in mainstream education but be taken out of school and educated at home, this could be down to a child having special needs or being unhappy and not coping with life at a large secondary school. Those pupils who want to get on with their work can also become very frustrated when other children misbehave in class. Parents may also be dissatisfied at the methods of teaching at schools or a move to home education could be because parents are unable to get their child into the school of their choice.

Whatever the reasons, InterHigh has worked alongside parents to supply quality, flexible, online education for pupils in the comfort of their own home.

Why do parents turn to InterHigh for homeschooling support?

Some of our former pupils who have been educated at home have opted to study at InterHigh for additional support because they felt they required professional teaching to prepare for GCSEs or AS and A Levels. Other parents have used InterHigh’s expertise to focus on certain subjects that they may not have had the relevant knowledge or resources to teach themselves.

How InterHigh works

InterHigh is perfect for use at home, lessons can be accessed anywhere where there is an internet connection providing you with flexibility. Experienced teachers lead real-time, live online, timetabled lessons where pupil interaction is encouraged and monitored and our staff are on hand to answer any questions you or your child may have. Pupils studying our full curriculum study no more than two subjects a day to consolidate learning, this approach allows our pupils to progress rapidly freeing them up to pursue other interests with more energy.

Homeschooling curriculum online

Due to our online status, our teachers can focus on teaching for the entire lesson time, without interruption, disruption or bad behaviour, which can be experienced in a more mainstream traditional classroom setting. All lessons are recorded and stored in our online archive which students can access 24/7. This is an excellent resource and makes it easy for home learning students to catch up following time off. It can also be used to prepare for future lessons and GCSE, AS and A Level exams.

Each pupil has a personal control panel from which they can access homeschooling resources and all the features you would expect at a physical school such as a library, common room, clubs and societies etc. Parents don’t have to wait for a parents evening to contact us, can keep an eye on their child’s progress and are able to contact us to enquire about their child’s progress.

What homeschooling courses are available?

InterHigh provide homeschooling support for parents and guardians of primary, secondary and sixth form learners. Students who study at InterHigh have access to the full curriculum of any subjects they are taking.

For Junior learners:

Maths, English, Science, Humanities, French, STEM, Communication and Creative Pursuits.
Key Stage 2 Curriculum

For Secondary School:

English, Maths, Science, STEM, Communication, Creative Pursuits, Geography, History, French, German, Spanish, Art, Computer Science, Film Studies and Music.
Key Stage 3 Curriculum

English Language, English Literature, Geography, History, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Spanish, Business, Computer Science, Film Studies, Latin, Psychology, Religious Studies, Photography, Music & Culture, Health & Wellbeing, Globalisation, Drama, Computer Game Development and Art & Design.
Key Stage 4 Curriculum

For Sixth Form learners we offer:

Biology, Business, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, German, History, Latin, Law, Maths, Media Studies, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Spanish.
Sixth Form Curriculum

Interested in becoming a pupil at InterHigh?

InterHigh is a school that puts homeschooling families in control. The online classrooms let you manage how you interact, and you have direct and confidential access to the teacher at all times. Our online library means you can also organise your studies.

Register for an Open Evening

InterHigh School regularly hosts open evenings for prospective parents and pupils to meet key staff, other parents and InterHigh pupils themselves.

How much does it cost

We have several fee packages and options, with differing levels of commitment to suit most circumstances. In most cases parents have the option to pay in instalments, spreading the cost of the investment.

Ask a question

If you would like to know more or would like to speak to someone from our admissions team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.