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If you are searching for the best schools for gifted students, then InterHigh may be worth considering alongside a traditional school, or on its own. InterHigh is the UK’s leading online secondary school and sixth form. Around 1,000 pupils aged between 10-19 are currently enrolled at InterHigh worldwide. We teach fully accredited British education with a suitable curriculum for gifted students delivered by an expert faculty from Key Stage 3, through to IGCSEs, AS and A Levels. Our flexible approach enables students to choose almost any combination of subjects at InterHigh as well as their existing education provider.

Fully focused teaching for gifted students

Gifted and talented students in mainstream schools can sometimes be frustrated by the disruption and interruption often experienced in traditional school classrooms. InterHigh’s online status means that lessons are not as disruptive. Pupils at InterHigh get the full allotted lesson time and are not delayed by pupils getting from one class to another and settling down. Teachers are also able to focus fully on teaching rather than having to deal with discipline issues caused by bad behaviour at physical schools. At InterHigh, pupils can concentrate on their learning without interruption.

Small class sizes and real-time interactive lessons

Live, real-time, interactive lessons are streamed directly to pupils and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. The timetable runs from 9.30am-3.30pm, Monday to Friday. Classes at InterHigh are small. We have a maximum of 18 pupils for Key Stage 3 and IGCSE classes, with up to 15 for A Levels. This means gifted students get more attention and can collaborate and engage via their own personal control panel with the teacher and their peers.

A wealth of resources

Another advantage to InterHigh’s online status is the wealth of resources available to pupils. Students are able to access the entire subject curriculum at anytime from anywhere, 24/7. As all lessons are digitally recorded, pupils can view a lesson once it has been delivered to help them revise, consolidate learning or catch up on work if they’ve been ill. You can also access an online library, common room and clubs and societies using the personal control panel.

Take exams early

Gifted and talented students can also study at InterHigh alongside their school, perhaps if the subjects they want to study are not available at their existing place of learning. Pupils who study the full curriculum at InterHigh study no more than two subjects a day to consolidate learning. The majority of lessons take place in the morning allowing our pupils to progress rapidly freeing them up to pursue other interests with more energy. We have found that this approach also prepares pupils for the style of learning experienced in Further and Higher Education and on average, our students go on to graduate with an upper second-class degree or higher at university.

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