About InterHigh

InterHigh School delivers a fully interactive British education to the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. Our unique online school offers the best in Primary, Key Stage 3, IGCSEs and A level courses, delivered by expert teachers.

Each day, student’s login to their school dashboard to access all areas of the school. When it’s time to enter a lesson, the student clicks on the relevant subject tile and joins the classroom, where fellow pupils and a subject teacher will be waiting. The teacher delivers the lesson through an interactive teaching area and is visible to the class via a webcam. Students can interact in each lesson through a microphone and keyboard, this also provides them with the option to have a one to one conversation with the teacher throughout the entire duration of the lesson. After class, pupils can complete homework or revisit topics of the lesson by re-watching the lesson recording or downloading the lesson PowerPoint. If a student needs to contact the teacher after the lesson has ended, they are able to send them an email at any time of the day.

To date, the only country to officially recognise the existence of online schools is New Zealand. Many other countries class online education as a form of home schooling which means it is therefore legal as an alternative form for mandatory education. However, it is highly likely in years to come that further countries will follow and officially recognise online schools as a genuine form of education. In the UK, InterHigh is in close communication with the education ministry to establish a framework for online schools.

InterHigh has its very own pastoral care team that are available throughout the school day. Our pastoral support team are available on request and provide a confidential channel for pupils to discuss all aspects of their lives, whether that be matters inside or outside of school. As a parent, we encourage you to pass on any concerns about your child to the team for them to look into the points raised in a delicate and private manner.

In general, pupils are arranged into class tutor groups up to a maximum of 19 pupils. In the secondary school, lessons are taught via ‘Lead’ and ‘Follow’ lessons. Lead lessons resemble masterclasses where much larger groups have the same new subject content delivered to them at the same time by lead teachers in the subject. The follow lessons are the more traditional exercise lessons in much smaller groups where the understanding of the new subject content is explored.

Providing quality online British education at an affordable cost

Established in 2005, InterHigh is a complete interactive Secondary School and Sixth Form College. We welcome pupils from across the UK and Internationally. Rather than travelling to school to study – InterHigh comes to you, wherever you are, through our specialised learning portal. We are able to offer you everything you expect from a traditional school…. plus a whole lot more!

Subjects, Exams & Qualifications

Yes, IGCSEs are accepted by colleges and universities across the world. If you want to be certain that you can get onto your chosen college or university course, we would recommend that you check with their Admissions team.

Yes, the A Levels we offer are the same as any other Sixth Form or College across the UK and can be used to apply to any university across the world.

In fact, very little. IGCSEs tend to have no course work as they are internationally focused, therefore examinations carry more grading. They are also internationally recognised qualifications compared to GCSEs that are UK focused.

You can view the exam boards for each subject by clicking on the desired IGCSE or A Level subject on the website. After clicking on the subject, you will see all relevant information for that particular subject on the right of the page.

We offer a core package of subjects in Key Stage 2, 3 and 4, however, you can choose as many or as few subjects as you like. We also offer additional subjects at an extra cost. Please note, you cannot swap additional subjects for core subjects.

Students sit formal examinations at their nearest exam centre. As there are thousands of locations across the UK and internationally, normally the nearest secondary school or college will accept external candidates. Alternatively, InterHigh has its own exam centre in South Wales that is open to all of its students.

Achieving a consistent high level of pass rates

At InterHigh we prepare all our pupils thoroughly for their public examinations and assist with enrolling them at our own examination centre or one convenient to their location.


InterHigh does not have any minimum test or specific education level requirements. The only requirement for a student to enrol at InterHigh is they must be fluent in English.

Yes, InterHigh can be accessed worldwide. We have students from every continent in the world benefiting from our flexible form of education. If you would like more information on the number of students we have from a specific country, please contact us.

Yes, InterHigh does accept homeschooled students. With flexible subject packages, we can either provide a student with the full British curriculum or support home schoolers with individual subjects.

Our enrolment process takes between 1 to 2 weeks to complete. At peak times this is likely to be longer due to the increased volume of submitted registration forms. For full details on our admissions process, please click here.

Yes, we accept enrolments throughout the year. However, in formal examination years (11 & 13), it is strongly recommended the student continues with the same examination board in the chosen subjects due to the differences in syllabus between each.

Yes. All documents submitted on behalf of the student and the guardian need to be in English. Any documentation for students and guardians in another language must be translated prior to submission.

Yes, we offer a 5% sibling discount off the lowest school fees.

Yes, we offer the flexibility for students to move up school years and even take IGCSEs early. For example, a year 9 student who is fluent in Spanish, can be placed in year 11 Spanish and sit the IGCSE early.

Yes, we offer the flexibility for a child to enter a year group lower than their chronological age group if that is what is best for the child’s education.

The shortest period you can trial InterHigh is half a term (6/7 weeks). The half term trial allows a student to get the best out of InterHigh without having any long-term commitments. At the end of the trial period, if the student wishes to continue then the process is simple to move over to the normal conditions. If it is decided the student does not like the nature of InterHigh, they can leave, and no further fees are due.

Our full technology requirements can be found here.

Our lessons are taught by an expert faculty

Pupils are taught in timetabled classrooms, Monday to Friday. The teachers lead a fully interactive and engaging lesson designed to achieve the highest learning outcomes.