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An academic team that can expand to meet demand

Executive headteacher Wayne Owens ...

My name is Wayne Owens and I am proud to be the Executive Headteacher of this thriving, unique, vibrant and extraordinary school.

In some ways, InterHigh is just like any other school. We have highly qualified and professional staff; we have timetabled lessons; we have homework to be done and we have many students who achieve great success, doing well enough to go on and fulfil their dreams, whether it be in employment or further study at the UK’s leading universities.

Students come to us from everywhere to make the most of the opportunities provided by a high-quality British education, delivered through a state-of-the-art online learning platform. Pupils learn in the way that suits them best so that they are prepared for the future.

However, there is also a significant difference that sets us apart and makes us rather special. All of our teaching and learning takes place in online classrooms, so, our school catchment is the world.

Many of our students are typical of those found in other schools but some of our students have struggled elsewhere and have come to us because we provide a way of achieving success. Others have come to us because online education represents a tremendously exciting way of learning, as well as a glimpse into the future of education.

Some of the UK’s brightest students study with us, as do some students with extraordinary gifts in sport, business, music and drama, who seek to combine their education with development of their talents.

At the heart of InterHigh School is a community of students, staff and parents, created through a real sense of partnership. I have spent my career working in a wide variety of highly successful schools where this has been true too, but, none of them have been as innovative, as exciting or as life-changing as InterHigh.

I know that the choice of school is one of the most important decisions that a parent can make for their children. I hope that the above has provided you with an insight into what we do and what we are. More information is available on our website and I am always pleased to speak to parents and prospective parents about why we are so successful and so special.

I look forward to talking to you.

Wayne Owens – Wey Education Executive Headteacher

Key academic staff

The quality of InterHigh School's education is driven by its senior leadership team. Find out more about them below.

Wayne Owens

Executive Headteacher

Executive Head Wayne has an MA in Education, a PGCE in PE and over thirty-five years’ experience in teaching English, PE and Drama. He also has extensive management experience in a wide variety of schools, including some of England’s best schools. At InterHigh, Wayne is responsible for Key Stage 4 and a number of aspects of quality assurance, including progress data and the regulatory framework. Wayne is a strong advocate of the importance of a good education, knowing the role that it plays in transforming lives.

Cal Hendry

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Head Cal has a PGCE in Secondary Science (Physics) and Performing Arts. She originally trained as an Engineer, gaining BEng (Hons) in Engineering Acoustics and Vibrations. She has over 25 years of teaching experience, 12 of these have been as a school leader, initially leading behavior and attendance and more recently leading improvements in teaching and learning. At InterHigh, Cal is responsible for Key Stage 4 and works with the Senior Leaders of Learning. Her focus is to ensure that students enjoy their learning experience, make good progress on their courses and end this phase of their education ready and able to be successful individuals.

Nick Leney

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Head Nick has a MEd and PGCE. Nick has over 20 years’ experience gained in both the UK and New Zealand, which has seen him specialise in the leadership of 21st Century schooling. Nick describes his working role as situated 'at the interface of technology and learning'. A key responsibility of his work is the identification and translation of new opportunities through to enhanced student outcomes. Nick is a strong advocate of evidence based school leadership and the transformative potential of synchronous online education. He leads the schools adoption of new technologies including artificial intelligence.

Stephen Phipps

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Head Stephen has an NPQH, a PGCE in Secondary History and a PGCE in Special Educational Needs. He has over 23 years’ experience in teaching and 17 as a leader across a variety of successful schools. At InterHigh School, Stephen is responsible for Key Stage 3, Additional Educational Needs and Safeguarding. Stephen heads up the work of the pastoral leaders at the school and is responsible for the expansion and growth of the curriculum that support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development.

Tom Millington

Head of Personalised Learning

Head of Personalised Learning Tom has a BA (Hons) in Education with qualified teacher status, and 7 years’ experience teaching in the UK and Italy, specialising in additional educational needs and English. Tom believes strongly that personalisation of learning is vital to student success, and works with students, parents and staff to support all pupils across the school. Tom also leads the InterHigh student council, and he is the Exams Officer for our exams centre based in Wales.

Academic Advisory Board

The Academic Advisory Board, under the leadership of Dame Erica Pienaar, carries out many of the functions traditionally associated with a governing body. It operates as a critical friend to the headteacher and his team, providing advice, monitoring the quality of education and offering challenge.
Dame Erica has had a long and distinguished career in education and was appointed a Dame for her services to education in the 2014 Queen’s birthday honours list. Until 2013, she was Executive Head Teacher of the Leathersellers’ Federation of Schools. The federation comprises three Colleges: Prendergast-Hilly Fields College, Prendergast-Ladywell Fields College and Prendergast-Vale College. The federation is a “hard federation” led by a single governing body.