Being a parent at InterHigh

Follow your child’s progress

Parents of InterHigh pupils are able to monitor all aspects of their child’s education in an easy, straightforward way. As a parent of an InterHigh pupil, you are given your own access to the school portal which provides constant information about your son or daughter’s progress, feedback and assignments. This is supplemented by regular written feedback from all their teachers. One of the best features of our parent portal is the attendance tracker. The attendance tracker makes it easy for you to look back over your child’s attendance on a day by day basis, even displaying if they were late to a particular lesson.

Teacher contact 24/7

At InterHigh, teachers have the potential to be contacted 24 hours of the day. Our teachers are not restricted to the classroom time they are teaching to answer questions and provide support. Instead, they can be emailed at any time during the day or night by either pupil or parent, so questions, concerns and queries can be answered as soon as possible without having to wait for the next lesson.

Family flexibility

The flexibility InterHigh can offer cannot be matched by a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ school. The majority of InterHigh lessons are finished by dinner time, leaving afternoons free for pupils to pursue hobbies, interests and added time with the family. And, don’t forget, being ‘online’ means your child can take school with them, no matter where they go. Allowing families to go on holidays and travels throughout the year.

What parents need to know

Selecting the right school for your son or daughter is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make. Visit our parents page to find out more about how InterHigh works.

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Calculate your fees

Work out how much it would cost you or your children to study at InterHigh. Find out details of our up to date fees for this academic year.

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