Attracting the best

At InterHigh, in common with all schools, we strive to attract and retain the most experienced, qualified and motivated teachers for every subject and every class. Reading a recent article it is clear that this is becoming a bigger challenge across the country for many reasons and will only get harder as the demand for high quality education continues to soar. You can read more here…

Fortunately we are uniquely placed to be able to recruit the very best staff. We never have an application where the response is ‘right candidate, wrong location’. Together with the flexibility we offer our staff and their ability to spend 100% of their classroom time teaching our school is a very attractive proposition for high-calibre teachers. We are rewarded by having a fantastically talented, loyal and dedicated teaching team.

And so, for example we are generally able to recruit as our school grows from the over 350 applications we have received from teachers seeking to join our school. It also means we have been able to expand our Sixth Form curriculum offering by 60% this year at a time when many schools and colleges are reducing their choices due to staffing and budget pressures.

This means we are capable of putting highly qualified staff in front of our class every time. As well as doing this for our pupils we are also able to help other schools – at Sedgehill School in London we now deliver 5 A Level subjects on their behalf and will expand this offer further from September 2016. Read more here.

So… if you know of a pupil, class or school where the maths lesson is being delivered by the third temporary member of staff in as many months you might want to let them know about InterHigh.

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