Parenting Success: An afternoon seminar with Esther Wojcicki

Last month, InterHigh held the first in an ongoing series on seminars for InterHigh Parents that focus on the theme of Parenting Success. We were joined by Esther Wojcicki who spoke on the topic of raising successful children and the principles of TRICK; Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration and Kindness.

Esther is an award-winning teacher, journalist and co-founder of While Esther is incredibly successful in her own right, she also has 3 children who have very successful careers: the CEO of YouTube, a Fullbright winning anthropologist and founder of

Esther spoke about raising successful children, the subject of her 2019 book and the topic she recently spoke on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4.

Dr Sara de Freitas, Executive Director of Education, said:

“There were some fantastic insights from Esther that were really helpful for our parents. Her books and work as an educator are first rate, and with such successful children, she really does walk the walk!”

At the end of the session, InterHigh parents were given the opportunity to pose questions to Esther. Tom Evans, Associate Dean of Innovation and Learning Experience, shared that “InterHigh parents did not disappoint as they asked informed and intelligent questions on topics such as the examination system, Esther’s own experience and how they might encourage their children to try things outside of their comfort zone. The sheer number of excellent questions meant we did not have time to answer them all!”

InterHigh, together with the Senior Education Team, thank Esther for her time, expertise and enthusiasm. We look forward to continuing the series in the new year with more guest speakers. If you would like to suggest any speakers for future events, please contact

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