InterHigh is pleased to announce we are the UK’s first online school to launch its very own Alumni Network.

Much like our school, this will be a virtual, immersive, and personal experience in which graduates will be able to reconnect with their peers, share experiences and benefit from ongoing support and advice.

There are so many benefits to being part of our alumni network, not least being an extension of the InterHigh family. We’d love for you to continue being part of our special community, maintaining friendships and feeling a sense of belonging within a welcoming and supportive environment. All graduates will be able to explore and share progression pathways – whether that’s going off to university, starting a career or other – as well as talking about the opportunities and success stories which prove that online school works.

After all, in 2019 alone, of the InterHigh graduates who applied to university, 47% went to Russell Group Universities. Additionally, many of our other students have gone on to create highly successful businesses or obtain excellent work placements and careers. We want to celebrate your success and look forward to welcoming you to InterHigh’s Alumni Network.

If you are interested in becoming an InterHigh Alumni visit

Why you should stay connected

  • The alumni programme fosters a community spirit and sense of connection between alumni and InterHigh.
  • The goal of the programme is to celebrate the successes, challenges, and stories of InterHigh alumni while connecting them with former classmates and the current school community.
  • Inspire action and ensure that their school remains an important part of the alumni’s lives.
  • Alumni Referral Programme (details available on request).
  • Alumni merchandise

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Virtual meet & greet - 5 July 2021

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