5 advantages of online schooling

There are many advantages to studying at InterHigh as opposed to a traditional mainstream physical school. Here are five for you to consider:

1. Small class sizes and a more personalised education for pupils

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 18 pupils up to IGCSE and 15 for A Levels. This ensures each pupil has ample attention whilst being able to collaborate and engage with peers.

2. Less time wasted on disruption and behavioural issues

As we are online our teachers can fully focus on teaching for the whole lesson. There is none of the usual disruption and behavioural distractions one might expect at a more traditional classroom environment.

3. Access to the 24/7 lesson archive

All our live interactive lessons are recorded and archived. This is accessible online 24/7 providing a great resource for students to use for revision, project work and to prepare for lessons and exams.

4. Learning style prepares pupils for life in Higher and Further Education

Students often study no more than two subjects a day to consolidate learning. The majority of lessons take place in the morning, making more time for pupils to pursue outside interests and project work. We find that this style of independent supported learning prepares pupils for further education. On average, our students go on to graduate with an upper second-class degree or higher at university.

5. An inclusive and diverse school

Our flexible and inclusive teaching model suits pupils with a diverse range of needs from all over the world. InterHigh is used by children that are sporting prodigies, actors, singers and dancers who need to travel and fit their studies in around their training and performances. We also teach pupils who have health issues such as autism, victims of bullying or those who are unable to settle at mainstream schools.

What parents need to know

Selecting the right school for your son or daughter is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make. Visit our parents page to find out more about how InterHigh works.

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What pupils say about InterHigh

Read some of our pupil stories and find out why they decided to choose InterHigh and what their experiences were.

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