Latin AS and A Level Course Overview

OCR’s A Level in Latin has been designed to help learners develop their understanding of the Latin language and the related ancient literature, values and society.

OCR’s A Level in Latin will enable learners to:

  • Develop an appropriate level of competence in the language studied
  • Acquire the language skills which enable learners to read literary texts, both prose and verse, in the original language
  • Develop an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the literary, historical and cultural features of the ancient world
  • Acquire the literary skills which enable learners to read ancient literature, both prose and verse, in its original language with appropriate attention to literary techniques, styles and genres
  • Apply analytical and evaluative skills at an appropriate level which show direct engagement with original texts in the ancient language
  • Make an informed personal response to the material studied
  • Begin to develop a sensitive and analytical approach to language generally
  • A Level specifications must also encourage learners to develop research and analytical skills that will empower them to become independent learners.

At A Level, examinations include unseen translation, prose composition and comprehension, and papers on the study of two prose and two verse texts.

Prior Learning

The specification builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills specified for GCSE (9–1) Latin, however, prior attainment of a GCSE (9–1) qualification in Latin is not required. In addition, it is recommended that learners have attained communication and literacy skills at a level equivalent to GCSE Grade C in English.


OCR’s A Level in Latin provides a suitable foundation for the study of Latin or other Classics courses in further and higher education.  At the same time, the multi-faceted nature of the subject and skills developed whilst studying Latin provide a suitable foundation to study many other subjects including English, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Philosophy and Politics.

Payment options

Students based in the UK have the option to pay annually, per term or monthly:

Paying per term:

Starting from September, three payments of £450 for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Monthly payments (UK only):

Starting in September you can pay 10 monthly payments of £135 via Direct Debit.


Latin (UK only)


A Level

Exam board:

Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR)


1 year for AS Level with an additional year for A Level

Delivery method:

Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to curriculum

Start date:


Exam Details:

All exams will be supervised and sat at an examination hall local to you

Additional information:

Latin can still be taken by students outside of the UK. However, as the subject has UK based exams, students will need to travel to the UK to sit them.

Course fee:

£1,350 per year

Know more about your course fees

We have several fee packages and options, with differing levels of commitment to suit most circumstances. In most cases parents have the option to pay in instalments, spreading the cost of the investment.