Psychology GCSE

This qualification is a GCSE, the exams are available in the UK only. Pupils will be able to:

Use specialist vocabulary, psychological concepts, terminology and convention to engage in the process of psychological enquiry

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of psychology, developing an understanding of self and others, and how psychological understanding can help to explain everyday social phenomena
  • Understand how psychological research is conducted, including the role of scientific method and data analysis
  • Present information, develop arguments and draw conclusions through a critical approach to psychological evidence, developing as reflective thinkers
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between psychology and personal, moral, social and cultural issues, and develop an understanding of ethical issues in psychology
  • Develop an understanding of psychological issues, the contribution of psychology to individual, social and cultural diversity, and how psychology contributes to society

Payment options:

It costs £3,000 a year to study 8 core iGCSE subjects at InterHigh in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11). Pupils can choose additional subjects including Psychology for an extra £400 per subject per year.

Additional subjects are charged at an extra £400 per subject, this fee is required to be paid in full before it is added to the pupils timetable.


Psychology (UK exams only)



Exam board:



2 years

Delivery method:

Online, real-time classrooms, 24/7 access to curriculum

Start date:


Exam details:

All exams will be supervised and sat at an examination hall local to you

Course fee:

Pupils can choose additional subjects including Psychology for an extra £400 per subject per year

Additional information:

Psychology can still be taken by students outside of the UK. However, as the subject has UK based exams, students will need to travel to the UK to sit them

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